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I was glancing over news worthy articles when I ran across one that made me whence in fear. Apparently, while I was at work today and everyone else was using cardboard to sleighed, the postmaster general was recommending that the rule that establishes a 6 day a week mandatory mail service be lifted. So what's the big deal? The post master is suggesting that post offices be able to choose when to deliver, generally choosing to not deliver on days that are the lightest in mail. Wow so what happen to whether rain, or sleet or whatever the rest of it is the mail person will deliver my mail?

We seem to be in such dire times that even the post office can't do its job. Since email, blogging, cell phones and other types of communication have become popular, good ole' snail mail seems to be sadly falling to the waist side. I am a bit surprised they didn't ask for a bailout, everyone else is.

The story actually reminded me something a friend told me. She was having some trouble with her mail person picking up her mail. It seems that picking up mail is now an option according the local establishment. I wonder how she will fare now that the post office is so destitute that it can't deliver the mail either.

Scary times folks. Have you hugged your local post person today?

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Sadly we must all cut back in these times of over abundance. But hey if it were the pony express still they would have to cut back a week.

Do You have maldelivery six day a week? We only have it monday till friday here, no matter what weather iy is :-) But that doesn´t mean that the mail gets to the right person :-)We are to people with my name in Falköping kommun (around 20 000 persons). Once I got the other Christers bankmail and opened it by misstake, I oly looked at the name. I´m very happay I don´t have his ekonomy :-)

I hadn't heard that about the post office, but I will tell you that sometimes, well, actually frequently, checking the mail is the highlight of my day! Of course, most of the time the mail box is filled with junk mail and bills, but every once in a while there is a real treat in there for me. It would be sad not to get the mail every day!!!

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