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Tonight I was trying to find a way to make things work in regards to my degree. I hit a roadblock and so I am trying to find how to get around it. In my pursuit of to make a plan I had to contact a teacher I previously had. This teacher is what I would call a mentor of sorts to his students. He makes you think. I think that it is important to question and investigate what you are learning. The goal of education shouldn't be that you turn out to be a carbon copy of your professors and their professors or even worse the people who they are teaching about. Growth means new life, fresh ideas and knowing what you know all the way down to your toes.

It made me think about other teachers I have really enjoyed learning under. We have walls of memorials for war heroes. We have comic books for fantasy ones. But I would like to start a mini-blog tonight listing some of my heroes that are just everyday average people who took the time and had the heart to impact my life.

I read something that said that mentors, when they mentor, come the closest they can to the feeling of immortality because they are able to pass along the torch to someone who will hopefully continue to pass it to generations to come. When you give your time, experience, knowledge and wisdom to someone who is less experienced and needs guidance it is a gift that keeps giving. When you are passionate and believe in the person your gift means that much more.

So here is the list of my Rock Stars!

Annette – She is no longer on this earth but she lives on with every heartbeat of the children she touched. Without her I probably wouldn't have pursued my dream to get an education and do something I am passionate about. She believed in me when no else did. And she was a just the church bus driver! Okay she was more than that to me but to anyone who didn't know her that was what she was.

Mrs. McKnight – Not sure where she is at but she taught me more than grammar, punctuation and literature but the stories behind the scenes. I will never see negro spirituals the same or not look deeper into the things I read.

Mrs. Iaquinta – She challenged me and had great insight and knowledge. Even when I got upset with her I knew she had my best interest at heart. She was honest and I admire her a lot. I gleaned a great deal from her.

Mr. Harris – I came into his class dreading it and came out with a peaceful and greater knowledge of the subjects. He believed that I could make it!
My 4th grade teacher – Okay I can't remember her name but she was awesome. I was the backwards, shy, outsider kid. I wrote a play just because I wanted too. She not only read that play but then proceeded to get the whole class into putting it on for the whole 4th and 5th graders.

Mrs. Rutherford – She was the head librarian and my boss for work study. That poor woman didn't know what to do with me. Probably the best things she did was to let me sit in the stacks and the archives (which I dreaded at the time) when there was down time and read. I read psychology and sociology journals, magazines, books on this and that. I read about philosophy and different cultures. I even spent a few days reading parts of the Koran and parts of the Pentateuch. I love knowledge and she encouraged me feeding my hunger for it. She was patient, kind and very wise.

Wow this list keeps growing and I could go on forever. I would just like to add quickly D. Larus (VP of Global Marketing he he he). He was cranky, he scowled and was very eccentric. I learned so much about marketing, business and corporate inner workings that I don't think I would have ever learned inside a classroom. Oh something of note: In England anytime apparently is a good time to go to the pub. So if you might get a call from your boss, the president, and he isn't in England with you, if you're getting sloshed there please let your assistant know far in advance... enough said I think...

Ta ta for now!

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