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Do you ever sit there and wonder to yourself about what your doing and where you're going? Lately, I have had a lot of set backs. I was looking at a quote of the day... and I couldn't help but want to just give that person who said it what for.

When fate hands us lemons, let's try to make lemonade. -- Dale Carnegie

Well Mr. Carnegie... I think I currently have a lemon grove. Anyone want some lemons, figuratively of course? Then I started thinking. Have you ever made homemade lemonade? You really can't make good lemonade with just one lemon. No to make this tasty drink you need quite a few juicy ones. Then you have to do some work. I mean you could try and put those lemons whole in a pitcher and let that be that but I assure you it won't taste right. Only after getting the right amount of lemons, cutting them, squeezing them and adding the right ingredients will it end up the way it should. Don't get me wrong. I still don't like his saying, but logically I guess it makes sense. Now I guess since I have all these lemons, perhaps I need to figure out what to do with them so that I make them into some great lemonade. I really don't have a clue.

Someone else, who I'm guessing has a bit more experience than I, said to me that that each thing in life is a lesson for us to learn. If we don't learn the lesson we get the opportunity to keep trying. Sometimes I think some folks should just stop trying. Does that mean that sometimes the lesson is to just surrender? I feel like sometimes it is. Surrendering is hard. It means that I know longer wish to control the outcome. It also means that I don't know what is going to happen exactly. Okay so I really didn't know before but I did have the illusion that I might possibly know. That is scary. I know it is getting pretty deep in here. I should be glad that I always where my big boots and goggles while I wade through it. I will leave you with these thoughts to ponder. Ta ta for now....

Today I started pondering an idea I have had for a little while. When I get old and gingered I think I want to open a diner or a b&b. I have thought about it before but what made today different is that I actually started writing out menu ideas. I actually really enjoyed the brainstorming.

If you know me you know I love to cook. Someone could name a main dish or say I feel like something and I for some reason can pair up a meal in just a few minutes. Not sure if my idea would work but I made some banana nut bread last night and I am definately sure that will be on the menu.

I also got invited to go camping at the Illinois River in Western Oklahoma. Amazing isn't it. Here I was just a few days ago wanting to go and the opportunity shows up. I hope it works out because I have always wanted to go to the location I was invited too. Some of the activities that are apart of the trip are kayaking or canoeing down the river, eating around a fire, swimming, and just plain messing around with old friends. I am super excited about it. My son would also be able to go and hang out with some of his childhood buds. I love making hot dogs over a fire. I wish we could also go fishing but the job situation kind of puts a money problem which means I can't get a fishing license right now. I can hear the birds waking me up and the crickets singing me to sleep. Ta ta for now...

Okay I don't normally talk about food here but I just found out I missed Guy from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives visiting a local establishment. I was so excited when I saw the article on it: . He visited last Wednesday a place on Main St in Norman, OK called simply The Diner. The Diner is a tradition in Norman. If you don't get there early on a Saturday you may have no seat. The pancakes are awesome and the atmosphere is upbeat. I know exactly why Guy visited this place. It looks like the show won't be on for 2 to 6 months though.

Guy Fieri is the host of this popular show and I have to say I am addicted to it. He is very charismatic and the places he visits look awesome.

Okay so if you are ever in Oklahoma here is a list of places that this foodie thinks is a must (links provided for some)...

Riverside Cafe - Medicine Park, OK

Bison Witches - Norman, OK

Victoria's Pasta Shop - Norman, OK

Fancy That - Norman, OK

Cafe 501 - Edmond, OK

Pete's Place - Krebs, OK

Cuppies and Joes - Oklahoma City, OK

The Grand House - Oklahoma City, OK

Brown's Bakery - Oklahoma City, OK

Cafe Plaid - Norman, OK

I think I hear a road trip coming on to find more foodie places... ta ta for now.

I haven't really been on here as much as a true blogger would. And one might think since I am still unemployed, though hopefull prospects are on the horizon, that I would spend more time here. Wrong. I am finding that sometimes I just don't have anything to say to this big world.

I read something in a little news piece about one of Obama's hotty helpers. Mr. Love seems to have turned the head of affairs rather quickly. In fact he is seen as a mover and shaker to come. I think in 4 years he will probably be primed and ready to live a life of political royalty. Well unless Obama is ousted in a bed of scandal or ruin. But then that's politics of course and my opinion.

On a lighter note, I woke up the other morning and stepped outside. The sweet smell of summer was in the air. I stepped back into my memories of camping and waking to the flowing stream outside my tent. I love to hear the birds in the morning, the roaring of early folks on the water and their boats humming. The day of simplicity waits for me outside my fabric domain.

I hope that I will be able to enjoy that again this year. I closed my eyes the other day and thought of where I might go. Even today with not much to do out of the ordinary I long for the easy breezy experience. Summers seem to be the time when the world slows down and everything seems lighter and breathtaking. Well summer is just arising so who knows what might happen. Ta ta for now...

Who is the better cook?

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