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Have you ever sat in a group talking and just want to add in something you know would totally be taboo. Those un-politically correct things we just don't go into to fain off anyone else getting offended. Well if only I could do that more often.

So as I feel the water getting murky and the other fish begin to get nervous in this big pool called the web I let a big smelly one go…

I want to talk about why one shouldn’t vote. Reasons a person shouldn’t vote for the safety of themselves and others are:

  • A person shouldn’t vote when they do not know why they are voting… that is like speaking Spanish to someone who speaks Chinese. It makes no sense.

  • A person shouldn’t vote if they don’t know what the questions, laws and people on the ballot are about. That is like cooking a soufflé without knowing what goes in one and how to cook it. You may come out with something good but most likely you will be voting in some stupid person like some of the current constituents.

  • A person shouldn’t vote if they only vote party lines. Folks lets be educated here. People don’t get an automatic ok just because they are Democrat or Republican. These folks represent us and we are not a political party we are Americans. (Unless of course you aren’t then I still think you can relate.)

  • And last but certainly not least A person shouldn’t vote because it is their duty. Duty smooty if you have any of the above issues then what duty is that. I am thinking a half #@$ one.
I do hope you go out and vote but I also hope you educate yourself before you do. These are the people who will represent you and your children. They will make changes and laws that will affect our country forever. When you vote today please ask yourself would my children, grandchildren or generations going forward be proud. Then cast an educated vote!
Happy Voting.. Ta ta for now…

Who is the better cook?

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