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Why does life seem so perfect on Happy Days? Joni loves Chachy... the Fonz is still cool and the gang is fun and games. I was watching it today. Really pretty random. The episode was about Arnold getting married. And the Fonz is the best man. The Fonz of course avoids it like a pro. And Arnold worries about his long distance love doesn't think he is good enough for her.

But reality is not Happy Days. Reality isn't even one of those reality shows. Its getting up and going to work when you don't want to. Its laughing over the ABC's of safe sex. It is crying tears over the fact that the cute guy likes your best friend instead of you. It's heartache and heart swells. Sometimes more of one than the other. But I don't think I would give up life regardless.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able get my education. Happy to be able to be me. I know I push folks away. I wonder what they would think if they new how loving and caring I am. That I love poetry, Shakespeare, art, music, the outdoors, animals, people, and romance. I am determined, stubborn, generous, shy, smart, smart mouthed and ornery. I like glitter, finger paints, laying in the water looking up at the sky, counting ceiling tiles, and reading encyclopedias. But I suck in relationships and I doubt myself. I question my stuff and others too. I am normally very honest, not really good at lies and I like it best when people are upfront and honest with me. Wow this sounds like a bad personal ad. Should I delete. Oh well. This is me and reality.

Sometimes I think for me I forget that reality is where I live. I look at other people and things and think that is where I should be. And I fail miserable at trying to be there. That's why I decided long ago to not be anything I'm not. I'm not happy when I try to do that. So those are my thoughts today.. ta ta for now.

Top Chef is one of my favorite shows. I love to cook. It is relaxing and satisfying. To see people enjoy my food is pure pleasure and fills me with pride. So with so much passion for food and cooking why not be a top Chef? Well don't let the female chefs on the show fool you. There is bias in their midst. Female chefs have cooties. It is as simple as that.

Gender bias is by no means a new things. No fellas this isn't feminist male bashing in these lines. This is simply pointing out something that the culinary business is more than well aware of. Females and minorities lag in the ranks in this field. For example let's look at the famous show Top Chef. Out of the last seven seasons there has only been one female winner. She won the 4th season. All the rest of the winners of course were male and most of them were white males. So are men better at cooking?Let's consider this.

Historically, women tend to be the cooks in families. They make our comfort foods and satisfy our sweet tooth. So why in a professional manner do men seemed to be on the top of the heap if it isn't sexist bias? Some say it is due to the high pressure of the job. The job is a high stress job full of hot stoves and food riskiness. Women in some eyes don't take the risks and don't show the confidence that is needed to be head honcho. They also complain more about the long hours, working conditions and leave sooner. These are all things I found as sudo-reasons from the New York Magazine's' A Woman's Place article, But as the ladies got in to the reasons it came down to stereotypes, money and power plays. They admitted that normally it is easier for a woman to break into being a pastry chef. But to reach for the elusive brass balls is unseeingly inappropriate in the industry. So girls let's step up to the plate. Figuratively for me in the cooking world of course. I have instead decided to head off another male dominant profession. And guys keep cooking the food. This world needs us all doing our thing, but just a bit more equally I think. Ta ta for now...

Have you ever sat in a group talking and just want to add in something you know would totally be taboo. Those un-politically correct things we just don't go into to fain off anyone else getting offended. Well if only I could do that more often.

So as I feel the water getting murky and the other fish begin to get nervous in this big pool called the web I let a big smelly one go…

I want to talk about why one shouldn’t vote. Reasons a person shouldn’t vote for the safety of themselves and others are:

  • A person shouldn’t vote when they do not know why they are voting… that is like speaking Spanish to someone who speaks Chinese. It makes no sense.

  • A person shouldn’t vote if they don’t know what the questions, laws and people on the ballot are about. That is like cooking a soufflé without knowing what goes in one and how to cook it. You may come out with something good but most likely you will be voting in some stupid person like some of the current constituents.

  • A person shouldn’t vote if they only vote party lines. Folks lets be educated here. People don’t get an automatic ok just because they are Democrat or Republican. These folks represent us and we are not a political party we are Americans. (Unless of course you aren’t then I still think you can relate.)

  • And last but certainly not least A person shouldn’t vote because it is their duty. Duty smooty if you have any of the above issues then what duty is that. I am thinking a half #@$ one.
I do hope you go out and vote but I also hope you educate yourself before you do. These are the people who will represent you and your children. They will make changes and laws that will affect our country forever. When you vote today please ask yourself would my children, grandchildren or generations going forward be proud. Then cast an educated vote!
Happy Voting.. Ta ta for now…

Why am I up so late? Well I actually just got off of work. I have actually spent the night talking to different people with lots of questions, comments and frustrations. I love that my job allows me to go to school but sometimes the frustration meter goes up really high with those lovely people who talk to me night after night.

I was thinking about people today. Why do we have so many unspoken rules? And why if a person doesn’t know the rules are folks so quick to push them out? In the Sociology realm we call these norms or mores. And we call the one making the rules the in group and those not following the rules the out group. As my name implies, I tend to be in the latter group. One question I always find myself asking is how do I know how to respond or know what a person is trying to convey or want if they don’t tell me verbally? Oh I understand that there are nonverbal cues. But one cue can mean several different things to different peoples and groups. So what is a gal to do?

So the question on my mind tonight is how do I know he is interested? This of course brings to mind two particular clips…

So I guess I’m the rule… and besides the fact that it seems he came by me a few times and also asked about me twice part of me thinks that he may just be a nice guy and that’s it. Still not sure but perhaps deciding to not play might be the best option. What do you think? Ta ta for now…

Beautiful Garden of the Gods - IL, USA taken Sept 2010 by ME

Tonight, I am ending my Fall Break. I didn’t get as much done as I could have. I should have! I think part of me is mentally worn down and I just couldn’t force myself to move forward. You know what I mean? You get so busy or life happens and you get to a point where you just halt in your tracks. That is so ME right now.

Just to catch you up. I am currently going to school full-time at a nice local university. I love most of my classes and professors. It is different from the community college I was going to last semester. I am picking back up, or at least telling myself I’m picking back up, my quest for weight loss. I am such the procrastinator. Sometimes that is when I do my best work, but to be honest procrastination and weight loss do not go hand in hand folks. Chocolate cookies and weight loss don’t either but alas I am telling myself the fresh baked ones I just made will go to work for those who are chocolate-chip- yummy-goodness deprived. Let’s hope they jump on board and eat them all. Crossing my fingers!

I am also thinking about tonight about love. Why am I thinking about this? There’s this guy. Cute and tall. He seems sweet as well. And I have been going gaw gaw over him. Sad isn’t it. It’s like I’m fourteen and a new cute guy moved next door. I don’t know if any of you watch the Millionaire Matchmaker but she got me thinking. Now disclaimer goes here: I don’t agree with a few of the stuff on that show but she had some great advice about dating the other day. She said "make a list of top 5 deal breakers". I thought **hey that is a great idea**. I tend to always meet guys who are not right for me so maybe this will help me to think with my head instead of my – errr – heart.

Top 5 things that if he ain’t got em’ it’s a deal breaker!

So Brain are you getting this? I am getting a level head on and giving the big cookies away! Tomorrow is a good day to get up and get sweaty again. Okay the bed calls… Ta ta for now!

Oh blog gracious blog how long have we been parted… okay no sweet talking. It’s been over 6 months. I have been a bad blogger. I keep coming back and just can’t seem to find what to say. Despite that setback I decided to put fingers to keyboard and ramble.

I had a Monday meltdown this morning. I really question a lot in my life. Why is my family the mess they are? Why am I big mess myself? And what if I fail? That’s enough to start the heart to begin to squeeze and the tension to tighten. So what to do? I went for a nice 1 mile jaunt with the pooch.

It was all in all relaxing. The flowers are blooming along the road and there were some horses eating grass. The sky was a gray color. Without letting the rain clouds deter me from pushing forward I walked and enjoyed. I also brooded which is something I don’t seem to be able to keep from doing. It’s like if I can just work it all out from point a to point z then it will make sense and be clear. Funny thing is that it only works that way part of the time. Life is a vast mystery and I keep sleuthing to figure it out.

Ta ta for now!


Who is the better cook?

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