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I am really stressing starting my new job. No cool cucumber here. I am a bit worried I will be to tired to exercise, or not eat well. New things are so hard to gauge. Can you tell I like to control my future?

I know! I'm not supposed to worry for two important reasons: 1, Stressing out causes a girl to gain more poundage... ahhhhhhhhhh I don't want to gain weight, 2. I am powerless over at least half of my future. No Crystal balls here!

I did try to do something to help with my stress. I planned out my menu and exercise for the next week at least. I am dividing and conquering the food the next 2 days and I am not taking any excuses from my whiny side. No stop it, you need to get over it whiny side! It's a done deal.

So hopefully my pre-packaged control will keep me from getting to side tracked. Wow I feel so empowered and ... SAFE! Okay! Hey I said okay... let out all the breathe being held in. Breathe... in, out, in, out! Much better. I can't wait to meet you healthier version of me! Come on baby it is your time to shine! Motivational song of the day..... RIGHT HERE CLICK... RIGHT HERE!!!

Ta ta for now!

Today was a medium day for me. I got up and whined to myself how I didn't want to walk in the cold. I am not a cold kind of person. I would love snow if it could exist in 70 degree weather... oh wait that is what Hollywood is for :). After I woke up, whined about the cold to myself and a few furry friends I then remembered the ummm incident I had yesterday with my elliptical.

Imagine this: A 265ish, 5'6" woman up on her elliptical, confidently pumping her weight filled arms gliding her legs like a cross country skier, hair in the wind, racing through the terrain when all of a sudden she must have hit a patch of hard snow because weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... bam bammmmmmmmmm booommmmmm! The once confident gliding snow goddess is now a puddle of goosh on the floor. It takes me a minute to realize that I have now been ejected from my fantasy into a now painful reality. First thought... have I broken my bum? Well did I? Pat pat pat... no it's still intact.. yes every bit of it. I lay there looking up at the ceiling and I hear a familar voice say... well I guess I can't exercise anymore.. he he h.. I mean oh no!!!! Reality check kicked in. I thought if I don't get back up on that thing and work out I am doing the same old thing again. Letting excuses and circumstance dictate who I am and where I want to be. So I got back up on the monster and continued on.

Okay back to today. I checked my bum and it was sore and bruised but alas no serious reason to not get up and do exercise. Don't think I didn't try other things too. I got onto facebook, I talked on here, I even looked up other forms of entertainment... hulu was not helpful either. So I gave in and got busy. It felt...
Okay! I felt good knowing I got in some exercise and housework. I didn't do all that my nagging perfectionist wanted me too but all in all I accept the decisions I made today. Yeah even the eating chinese which tasted oh so good but after putting it into the food tracker realize it was oohhhhh so bad for me. Mental note Chinese is a few occasions a year thing. Okay stored that away with pizza at 700 calories a slice.

I think in changing my life style which is what I really am trying to do I have to accept my actions. If for some reason I can't accept them then I need to do something about them but as a passage in Luke 9... no one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom... and I think even in everyday life if I want to move forward then looking back all the time just keeps me from doing that.

Motivational Tune of the day... CLICK HERE!

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