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Oh blog gracious blog how long have we been parted… okay no sweet talking. It’s been over 6 months. I have been a bad blogger. I keep coming back and just can’t seem to find what to say. Despite that setback I decided to put fingers to keyboard and ramble.

I had a Monday meltdown this morning. I really question a lot in my life. Why is my family the mess they are? Why am I big mess myself? And what if I fail? That’s enough to start the heart to begin to squeeze and the tension to tighten. So what to do? I went for a nice 1 mile jaunt with the pooch.

It was all in all relaxing. The flowers are blooming along the road and there were some horses eating grass. The sky was a gray color. Without letting the rain clouds deter me from pushing forward I walked and enjoyed. I also brooded which is something I don’t seem to be able to keep from doing. It’s like if I can just work it all out from point a to point z then it will make sense and be clear. Funny thing is that it only works that way part of the time. Life is a vast mystery and I keep sleuthing to figure it out.

Ta ta for now!


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