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The people who get on in the world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want. ---George Bernard Shaw

I am in the process of changing my way of thinking. Trying to change my bad habits and ways of living is a challenge. We are almost a quarter of the way through the year. The New Years resolutions I made back in January have been put on the back burner to some extent. So does that mean that I can't make them? I think that there comes a time in every goal where I need to sit back and reflect where I came from, where I am at now and is where I am going the destination I want. I had a professor tell a class I was taking that it takes 21 days to make habit. If your struggling and not sure you can make it just think you could just be 5 days from your life changing to the goal you are looking for.

What do you think?

Ta ta for now...

I am actually reflecting on the one and only Fat Tuesday celebration I have ever been too. There was booze. There were people giving away beads and it was in the heart of New Orleans. Shocker I know. Me in the middle of party central.

I actually was there with 10 other individuals from my college in 1996. It was the year that they opened up Hollywood Planet. I couldn't believe how they had to backdown the street way to let the limo with the three models who own it get out. Anyway, back to the 10 individuals and myself. We were there for a different kind of party. This was my first missions outreach experience.

No we weren't the people with the signs signfying that everyone was going to hell. I was so ashamed of the actions of those people. No instead we worked with a college from the area and went in groups of two walking around just talking to people. I had the opportunity to talk to these two guys who some how got their happy drunk butts stuck together with their beads. I was nice and untangled them so they didn't hang each other.

I learned what a ghetto really looks like and how you definately should dig deeper in a person that just their cover. We met gutter punks and world travelers. We also thought we had found a dead guy. It was actually very scary. Someone went up to him and tried to see if he was okay. We actually ended up getting a police officer. Don't worry he was still alive.

I really did enjoy that trip. I got to see how awesome it is when I let God use me. I don't have to be anything special just willing to yield.

Ta ta for now...

This week has been well interesting to put it simply. I had my trust and friendship violated and betrayed. I had a thought tonight about how much expectations play in how I trust. I expect others to treat me the way I try to treat them, to respect me and be as I don't know... But how realistic is that. Not very I guess.

Erickson brings up that if a infant loses their trust at an early age they can struggle with it for the rest of their lives. The trust vs mistrust can be dealt with in a later stage but until it is the mistrust colors the child's life. I have been thinking on that and how it relates to my life.

I also have been thinking about should I really trust anyone. Is there anyone who is out there who isn't looking out for #1? Have we as a society come so far from our establishment of community that we no longer are able to build real relationships and trust with each other. Do we always have to be on our guard for what the other person really wants or their real purpose?

Power is another things. When did power become more important than loving our neighbor as ourselves? Lording power over another whether it be overtly or covertly how is that better than building healthy relationships. One of my professors last week talked about intimacy and the USA. Intimacy isn't about sex. It can involve it but it is about something so much more. My professor was showing that Americans struggle with being intimate with one another. We are causes and not trusting of others. I wonder if this could just be another powerful symptom to a disease that permeates our shores.

What do you think?

Ta ta for now...

Can we have science and religion? I am going into Psychology and Sociology. I have read many things that tell me that I cannot hold to these sciences and still cling to my religious thoughts. Can this be true. Must I grasp the Darwinism and Nature argument? I challenge you to view this video and just as I am asked to be open to the views that oppose mine I ask you to allow these to stimulate thought and dialog about something that currently is being muzzled in the scientific community.

for the rest of this go to:

Ta ta for now....

Tonight, my thoughts are on the devastating fires and flooding in Australia. I believe I heard on the news something that echos my thoughts that it seems so strange to have such vastly different devastation occurring at the same time so close together. I believe from what I last read the fires had killed over 131 people who have been verified as dead with over 500 still missing. Aid and assistance is pouring in from Indonesia, New Zealand, and other places. Though the officials have no doubt that many of the blazes were set they are not releasing any names yet. Over 10,000 animals in the wild have lost their lives as well.

Times like these do tend to bring people together and perhaps give them reason to pause on reflection in regards to how they are living their lives. Some become closer to God or a religious aspect. In psychology some might say this is "terror management". We recognize our own mortality and grasp for something to give us peace or calm to this fear. So is religion holding tightly to some magical thinking that makes us feel safe or more secure in the fact that we will one day die or to deal with difficult situations or is it something that we hold onto because despite our mortality or painful/fearful situations it is real. That God or whatever we ascribe too has changed us. That we have had a true experience that cannot be gauged by what is going on in our lives.

If Terror Management is true does that mean people who are healthier and live less stressful lives are more likely to not be religious? Hmmm. Or if you are poorer and live in a dire setting will that mean you are more religious?

I think some things just can't be explained. Some of what the theory says is probably true for some. However, just because something can't be logically explained doesn't mean that it doesn't exist or is real. Some things just are. If a child reaches out to catch the wind will it not slip between the small fingers and leave the child's grasp empty. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing going into this field when I see so many things that go against my values. Then I remember I am on this journey for a reason. I believe that this is the direction God is leading me in.

So where do you stand?

Ta ta for now...

I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't been able to visit. Yesterday, I had Earth Science. I find some sciences very fascinating and I think I will enjoy this subject if I can figure out how to learn in it. Sometimes I feel like the lecture is more than the subject matter and it is hard to follow. Also I can't concentrate because of an annoyance. The teacher says umm kay a great deal. I feel like sometimes she is the female version of that one teacher on South Park. Umm kay?

I read a story today about a tanker in Kenya that exploded and killed over a 100 people. They believe more will die from it in near future. It seems that people were steal gas from the overturned tanker because the substance is hard for them to get and expensive. This isn't the first time in the region for this kind of thing to happen. It has been reported across their region as a growing problem.
It is really sad that we as a world are at such times as these.

On a happier note, tonight I made Minestrone Soup. It was delicious. In fact I have a link to the recipe so you can try it yourself. It is really easy to make and healthy to boot. So enjoy... Oh and I took a picture for you as well. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe.
Enjoy and ta ta for now.

Who is the better cook?

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