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I am actually reflecting on the one and only Fat Tuesday celebration I have ever been too. There was booze. There were people giving away beads and it was in the heart of New Orleans. Shocker I know. Me in the middle of party central.

I actually was there with 10 other individuals from my college in 1996. It was the year that they opened up Hollywood Planet. I couldn't believe how they had to backdown the street way to let the limo with the three models who own it get out. Anyway, back to the 10 individuals and myself. We were there for a different kind of party. This was my first missions outreach experience.

No we weren't the people with the signs signfying that everyone was going to hell. I was so ashamed of the actions of those people. No instead we worked with a college from the area and went in groups of two walking around just talking to people. I had the opportunity to talk to these two guys who some how got their happy drunk butts stuck together with their beads. I was nice and untangled them so they didn't hang each other.

I learned what a ghetto really looks like and how you definately should dig deeper in a person that just their cover. We met gutter punks and world travelers. We also thought we had found a dead guy. It was actually very scary. Someone went up to him and tried to see if he was okay. We actually ended up getting a police officer. Don't worry he was still alive.

I really did enjoy that trip. I got to see how awesome it is when I let God use me. I don't have to be anything special just willing to yield.

Ta ta for now...


A both funny and interesting story :-) It must have been fun going around talking to people that way. To have signs saying they are all going to hell doesn´t make much use, do they :-) We don´t seeme to have that kind of people here.
Have a nice day now!

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