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Can we have science and religion? I am going into Psychology and Sociology. I have read many things that tell me that I cannot hold to these sciences and still cling to my religious thoughts. Can this be true. Must I grasp the Darwinism and Nature argument? I challenge you to view this video and just as I am asked to be open to the views that oppose mine I ask you to allow these to stimulate thought and dialog about something that currently is being muzzled in the scientific community.

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This is interesting! Personally I think that creationism (did I spell that right?) is wrong, but I respect those who belive in it.
I´m christian and evolutionist and have no problems combining them.

God never told us how he created us and there is no place in the bible (as far as I know) that says that nothing evolves or that it stays the same all the time.

There is a saying that goes like this:" One day for us is like thousand days for God and one day for God is like thousand days for us", meaning that God don´t think of time like we do. So if he created the universe in six days, it´s six days for him but not necessary for us. There for it´s no problem that there have been animals that lived here millions of years before us to me.
Have a nice day now!

But I do think that is wrong to kick some one out from their jobs just because they have another idea how the universe was created!

You can have both: Free Will & Free Choice. YOu just have to be strong enough to comitt to them.

Who is the better cook?

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