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I have been so busy the last few days that I haven't been able to visit. Yesterday, I had Earth Science. I find some sciences very fascinating and I think I will enjoy this subject if I can figure out how to learn in it. Sometimes I feel like the lecture is more than the subject matter and it is hard to follow. Also I can't concentrate because of an annoyance. The teacher says umm kay a great deal. I feel like sometimes she is the female version of that one teacher on South Park. Umm kay?

I read a story today about a tanker in Kenya that exploded and killed over a 100 people. They believe more will die from it in near future. It seems that people were steal gas from the overturned tanker because the substance is hard for them to get and expensive. This isn't the first time in the region for this kind of thing to happen. It has been reported across their region as a growing problem.
It is really sad that we as a world are at such times as these.

On a happier note, tonight I made Minestrone Soup. It was delicious. In fact I have a link to the recipe so you can try it yourself. It is really easy to make and healthy to boot. So enjoy... Oh and I took a picture for you as well. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the recipe.
Enjoy and ta ta for now.


I understand that it must be annoying to hear the teacher say that all the time and when one starts to be hung up on a thing it´s almost impossible to listen to that person.

Terrible what happened in Kenya (and the other places)! I´m afraid that it wont help educating people what can happen when a tanker falls, they are in desperet need of gasoline so they´ll taje the chanse anyway.

Minestrone soup is really good! But I think we ate it too often in school. So I don´t think I have eaten it for years now.
Take care!

That looks delicious! I love minestrone

Who is the better cook?

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