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This week has been well interesting to put it simply. I had my trust and friendship violated and betrayed. I had a thought tonight about how much expectations play in how I trust. I expect others to treat me the way I try to treat them, to respect me and be as I don't know... But how realistic is that. Not very I guess.

Erickson brings up that if a infant loses their trust at an early age they can struggle with it for the rest of their lives. The trust vs mistrust can be dealt with in a later stage but until it is the mistrust colors the child's life. I have been thinking on that and how it relates to my life.

I also have been thinking about should I really trust anyone. Is there anyone who is out there who isn't looking out for #1? Have we as a society come so far from our establishment of community that we no longer are able to build real relationships and trust with each other. Do we always have to be on our guard for what the other person really wants or their real purpose?

Power is another things. When did power become more important than loving our neighbor as ourselves? Lording power over another whether it be overtly or covertly how is that better than building healthy relationships. One of my professors last week talked about intimacy and the USA. Intimacy isn't about sex. It can involve it but it is about something so much more. My professor was showing that Americans struggle with being intimate with one another. We are causes and not trusting of others. I wonder if this could just be another powerful symptom to a disease that permeates our shores.

What do you think?

Ta ta for now...


Ouch to have your trust and friendship violated can be a hurtful experiance to be sure but you are on course in thinking what your expectations have to do with it all.

It´s always painful when tryst is violated. But I think one can grow if one handles it the right way.

Power has always been more important than loving ones neighbour I think. Just look through history and You can see that everywhere. Sad but that´s the way it is I´m afraid.

I think it is important to have some one to trust in life, outherwise I think one will be ill mentally. But it is difficult to find that or those persons in life.

Wow I have a lot I think about on this. I just went through this myself with two who blog the same circles as myself. She was very hateful to me in email then hid behind scriptures and gifts to win over the mutual friend. I finally let it go. If that is the type of person she wants to be, "false christian", so be it. In my eyes she was hurtful, a coward with holier than thou attitude. If that is what money and professing God's love is like, she can keep it.

yeah... I have lots of thoughts on this. One in particular, what goes around comes around. :)

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