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Today, I took a bit of a wandering around a nearby town. Though I know I live in a historic area for Oklahoma history and perhaps even for America. But to be honest there isn't much of what was left here. This weekend they had the first Loose Caboose Day. I have no idea what that is all about but they had quite a few antique stores open and vendors selling crafts. We have a Caboose that sits on Main St. It is supposed to represent the era gone by and how the town used to be important for the railroad system during the early days and before the Land Run of 1889. I love looking at the old architecture that is still there. There aren't many builds that still look nice but the ones that have been taken care of are beautiful I think. When I was younger and in school we would get the chance to dress up like someone in the late 1800's and do a mock land run.

Hotel Love :) And the street in front of it is made of bricks as well... which is original to the beginning of the town.

It was built and run in the Indian Territory before the Land Run of 1889. It is now an antique store but if you go upstairs it has newspaper clippings from 1870's and it shows the hotel.

Today, I am posting something simple. A friend ask me to take some pictures of the flowers in my garden. This morning is a cool overcast sky morning. September 1st and fall is definately in the air here.

The sunlight is just peaking throught the clouds.

Next is a Clematis that we have planted near our front walk way.

I am not sure what this one is. I know that it is a flowering vine. The white flowers are small and smells nice.

These are purple mexican petunias. Very pretty but not much of a fragrance.

Now for the Morning Glories which are both one of my favorite and birthday flowers. I love the blue. I was nervous there for a bit that they wouldn't bloom but here they are with another flower in my garden.

And to round it off like Christer would here is a picture of our cat Patches as he lays in front of my computer screen. When he wants attention he wants it now in standard fat cat style.

and Jeni my poochie. She went outside with me to take the pictures.
She posed here because she wanted everyone to see her as well.

Ta ta for now...

Who is the better cook?

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