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Beautiful Garden of the Gods - IL, USA taken Sept 2010 by ME

Tonight, I am ending my Fall Break. I didn’t get as much done as I could have. I should have! I think part of me is mentally worn down and I just couldn’t force myself to move forward. You know what I mean? You get so busy or life happens and you get to a point where you just halt in your tracks. That is so ME right now.

Just to catch you up. I am currently going to school full-time at a nice local university. I love most of my classes and professors. It is different from the community college I was going to last semester. I am picking back up, or at least telling myself I’m picking back up, my quest for weight loss. I am such the procrastinator. Sometimes that is when I do my best work, but to be honest procrastination and weight loss do not go hand in hand folks. Chocolate cookies and weight loss don’t either but alas I am telling myself the fresh baked ones I just made will go to work for those who are chocolate-chip- yummy-goodness deprived. Let’s hope they jump on board and eat them all. Crossing my fingers!

I am also thinking about tonight about love. Why am I thinking about this? There’s this guy. Cute and tall. He seems sweet as well. And I have been going gaw gaw over him. Sad isn’t it. It’s like I’m fourteen and a new cute guy moved next door. I don’t know if any of you watch the Millionaire Matchmaker but she got me thinking. Now disclaimer goes here: I don’t agree with a few of the stuff on that show but she had some great advice about dating the other day. She said "make a list of top 5 deal breakers". I thought **hey that is a great idea**. I tend to always meet guys who are not right for me so maybe this will help me to think with my head instead of my – errr – heart.

Top 5 things that if he ain’t got em’ it’s a deal breaker!

So Brain are you getting this? I am getting a level head on and giving the big cookies away! Tomorrow is a good day to get up and get sweaty again. Okay the bed calls… Ta ta for now!


Nice to see You back here again :-)

But don´t we all fall back in that 14 year old feeling when we fall in love :-) :-)

I keep my fingers crossed for You.

Have a great day now!
P.S.I have changed location for my blog! Just click on my name here and You´ll get there!

Nice to see you too. I went by and said hi. Love the pictures.

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