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I haven't really been on here as much as a true blogger would. And one might think since I am still unemployed, though hopefull prospects are on the horizon, that I would spend more time here. Wrong. I am finding that sometimes I just don't have anything to say to this big world.

I read something in a little news piece about one of Obama's hotty helpers. Mr. Love seems to have turned the head of affairs rather quickly. In fact he is seen as a mover and shaker to come. I think in 4 years he will probably be primed and ready to live a life of political royalty. Well unless Obama is ousted in a bed of scandal or ruin. But then that's politics of course and my opinion.

On a lighter note, I woke up the other morning and stepped outside. The sweet smell of summer was in the air. I stepped back into my memories of camping and waking to the flowing stream outside my tent. I love to hear the birds in the morning, the roaring of early folks on the water and their boats humming. The day of simplicity waits for me outside my fabric domain.

I hope that I will be able to enjoy that again this year. I closed my eyes the other day and thought of where I might go. Even today with not much to do out of the ordinary I long for the easy breezy experience. Summers seem to be the time when the world slows down and everything seems lighter and breathtaking. Well summer is just arising so who knows what might happen. Ta ta for now...


For once we had great weather today too! It has been the coldest early summer for over fifty years here.

I´ve never been much of a camper my self even if I love being outdoors. I prefer to sleep in my own bed :-)
Have a great day now!

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