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This morning, after mopping around, I decided to go for a walk. Last night my son and I were talking and I pointed out to him how the only way to change things you don't like is to do something about it. So what does this have to do with a walk? Well I am just going to say it. I have been in a pity party for one for way to long. I needed to get out and clear my head so amidst the noon day sun I took off down the road.

I walked for about a quarter of a mile and came to my all to familiar stop sign and detour. As I walked closer to it I started thinking about turning the opposite way. Nervousness held me. Going that way leads deeper into the country. In the country there is less traffic and possible danger. Okay so I am probably just blowing a bit out of proprotion I tell myself. See I have seen and experienced things in my life that that make me leary. I tend to find myself in situations that are scary so making a decision to travel down the direction less taken isn't a light one for me. It means I have to face my fears.

I thougth about when I was a child. I loved Robert Frost's poem "The Road Less Taken". I pledged to myself to not be "one of the crowd". To take a chance at going to where others won't go. That road has been full of rich wisdom and knowledge. I have gone down it and came out a live. I don't think I really realized that that road less traveled is a lonely scary road. Now here I am with a real road less traveled wondering should I turn and walk down it.

I turned down the road and the smells of the grass in the field and the creek running brought me back to my childhood. Times where I remember walking miles to my sisters friends houses or jumping off the tree trunk into the murkey waters of the creek by our house. Lazily swimming in its cool waters, splashing and taking in the war sun. Riding bikes down the dirt roads, struggling to ride up the hills but flying down them giggling all the way.

I walked down that road today. I savored the warm sun and tried to stop my brain from analyzing and culminating all the information that lies within. I saw the graceful way the bays in the field pranced around. I heard the birds busy with their day. One more piece of my journey down this thickly overgrowned pathway. Do you go the road expected or down the road of mystery?

Ta ta for now....


We live in so different worlds. For me it´s the city with all people not caring if anything happens that scares me. A road with no cars makes me feel free and without worrys.

But I´m glad that You continued on the road. As You say, if You don´t like how things are, You´re the one who has to do something about it.

Sounds like quite a trip! But you are right to choose the road less traveled there one can see that which has been missed by many.

I just go along for the ride, whichever road that might be on. It drives my husband crazy, but I'm happy.

Don't you just love unexepected happenings. I too have been through some uglies in my past and do not so easily walk down unknown paths. But, if hubs is with me, the chances go way up. We did this, this summer and found a beautiful running river. I promptly had to go in the water, shoes and all. So much fun.

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