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Today, a friend and I were discussing the conflict between Hamas and Israel. She said that in Denver there was a pro-Israeli demonstration and Chavez supporters somehow got mixed up in the event. So what is the significances of this? Well in September Russia parked 2 bombers on the shores of Venezuela right after the conflict with Georgia and certain statements from the USA. Russia will be helping Venezuela build a nuclear power plant. And last but not least Russia will be partnering in a gold mine venture on Venezuelan shores.

So why is this note worthy? Well we are Israeli allies and we have recently pissed some Russians off. Folks I don't want to be an alarmist, okay maybe I do, but I don't think Obama is our biggest problem right now. Wow it took a lot for me to say that since I really think Obama is delusional at best if he thinks he can really pull his stuff off. I digress... So I guess I am just waiting to see what President-elect does about this conflict. If he decides to stand with our allies then we might be looking at World War III. If he decides to try to talk, which has never worked before with these particular parties, I am afraid that any foothold the USA might have in the middle east will be severally weakened. And should we have our foot there? I am not completely sure which side of the coin to take stock in.

Israel says it is looking to protect itself, but part of me thinks maybe they just want to get the Gaza strip back. Hamas and the Palestinians say they just want to not be persecuted anymore and to have what is rightfully theirs. How does one determine who is right and wrong in this. It just looks like a lot of toddlers who want one thing and won't settle for anything else.

So get your things in order, kiss your loved ones and put your head between your knees because things look like they are going to get very hot and sticky soon.

Ta ta for now.


I´m pretty sure that Obama will come much further with talking than with violense. A lot of people in the world look at the USA the same way as they look at Russia. A powerful country that wants its way what ever the cost for the rest of the world.

But I think it´s a really long way to another world war. The prise is to big even for superpowers i think :-)
Have a nice day!

I am not suggesting violence I hope you know that. I also know that talking has never helped with the conflicts in the middle east. I lean more toward... let them blow each other up if they must but lets make sure we are prepared to take care of ourselves incase it becomes our problem. Probably an isolationists view. And I suppose my other point was that Russia is looking for a reason it seems to get into a big conflict with the USA. I could be wrong but it does seem that they are poised and ready to jump into a fight. I hope not. I don't particularly want any more violence. I believe that some things if people are open to compromise and change, can be changed with talking. But these groups see each other as stealing their religious and ancestorial right to land and holy ground. They don't see any compromise for that.

:( I am afraid that Obama is not equipped to understand this conflict, the ramifications and how long this has been going on. I believe the conflict preceeds even the birth of our nation... But I do hope that he does what is best for the USA and not what just looks like the best.

Yes I understood that You didn´t sugest that violence should be used. The conflict in the middle east is so problematic that I don´t dare to have a clear oppinion about it. There is so much hate between them.

I think thet the russians feels that the USA is looking for a reason to get into conflikt with them by for instance making old russian alliances getting into Nato.

We can only hope that both sides are willing to talk with each other.
Have a nice day now!

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