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Tonight is going to be a bit short. I started my training for the triathlon and I am tired. Tomorrow morning comes early as well. So here come a condensed version of my thoughts.

"No one has to remind you of the high cost of anxiety. Worry divides the mind. The biblical word for worry (merimnao) is a compound of two Greek words, merizo (to divide) and nous (the mind). Anxiety splits our energy between today's priorities and tomorrow's problems. "-- Max Lucado, Traveling Light

So today I am not allowing my mind to be divided into millions of pieces before it lays itself on the pillow. Sleep well world...

Ta ta for now.


I really hope that You will finish the triatlon, so train hard now!
anxiety do really cost to much, but does nothing good. What´s comming is no use to worry about befor it happens :-)

Who is the better cook?

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