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Tonight I set out to watch something that was more stimulating than mind numbing. I found an interesting documentary called Girl 27. It is about a massive scandal and cover up in the 1930's.

Apparently, MGM and its founder Meyer was holding a big shindig for all of his sales reps. He wanted them to feel important and basically boast to them their success. He rents out a whole hotel, brings in major entertainers for the sales staff to enjoy (all being men of course) and of course lets not for get wine, dine and line up the females for 'em. During part of the big convention event a party is held at Hal Roach Ranch. 156 girls, I believe, were called into perform at the "event". Many under the age of 18. So it seems that MGM held a party that had booze, a bunch of grown men, and underage females. Hmm does this sound wrong to anyone else?

So when one of them claims that she is raped, Girl 27, why is so many surprised. Of course this 17 year old female must be lying. According to the papers and the filmmaker she is portrayed as a tart and a slut. A girl who is known to be impure and of a questionable nature. She files her charges 3 times and each time they are dismissed. Was she lying or did power and corruption bury her story and her justice?

I think this story is a wonderful example of how power and money can and is used for evil. How even in the 1930's, when even I am a bit nostalgic and hope that people are better to each other, each person involved looks at what is in it for them and continues to rape poor Girl 27 again... and again... and again. I hear the proud 'we have come so far" voice in the film and I think to myself that we have come closer to treating victims of such heinous things such as this rape better. However, the shame and stigma of speaking out against such violation is still largely looming over our society. And when one is believed the perpetrators get minimal repercussions.

Rape, molestation, abuse, assault whatever you want to call it steals something that doesn't even have a word to describe it. Perhaps security is somehow fit into the word. Or trust. Or innocence. But it is something that is lost forever. How can one put such a small cost on such a priceless thing.

More info on Girl 27.
Definitely interesting enough to view personally.

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The "Good old days" were usually not that good. One can only hope that we´ve come a long way since then. Of course, rich and powerful men and women can often buy their way out of trouble, but at least not so easy as they could before.

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