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Illegal immigrants are a hot topic in the news and for many people. November 1st, USA Today posted a story online about public housing and illegal immigrants who are using it. According to the article, .4% of people using public housing are illegal immigrants. The thing that spurred the article was the realization that President-elect's aunt is currently using public housing in Massachusetts and isn't in the country legally. She applied for asylum but was denied by the federal government and told to leave the USA. She refuses to leave and is fighting deportation while living in a public housing unit.

This little tidbit of news of course has brought to light for the media how illegal immigrants are able to work around the system and gain public housing. There are many citizens in different cities across the USA who are on waiting lists that have a holding time of more than 3 years. Some critics say that if there was a crack down on illegal immigrants who are using this assistance then perhaps there would be more openings for citizens to gain assistance.
I honestly think one of the people in the article hit the nail on the head.

Elliotte Skinner, 48, applied for public housing in San Diego in 2000 and lives in a cramped studio with a shared shower. He says focusing on illegal immigrants misses the point.
"There's too much blame on illegals for the country's problems," he said. "Their numbers are so small (in federally funded housing) they don't even make a difference. The real problem is we don't have enough affordable housing." (USA Today 1/1/09)

I know there are critics out there that believe down to their toes that we give to much to the poor and low income. The thought that if they would just work harder or make bigger sacrifices that they would be able to take care of themselves isn't factual. Many low income or poverty stricken citizens are working very hard. Some have mental illness or have hit hard times due to layoffs, the economy or how business and commerce are run.

I am many feel that it would be great if we only had to take care of ourselves. Honestly, however, life has never been and never will be like this. We are not individuals on an island but boats on a see and when the storms of life rock one boat it effects the others as well. We are interdependant people. We wave high to each other, we pick up the item that the person in the grocery store dropped and give it to them. And though it seems quite overwhelming we need to help each other whether it be through the government or through nonprofit agencies.

I am not one for immigrants being able to stay here illegally. Not because I am racist, or cruel but because I feel it does a disservice to those who work so hard to become legal citizens. And I could spend time discussing how I wish we would give each illegal immigrant so long to become legal or if found they will be deported but I want to focus more on the great need that we have in America. Something is broken and it needs to be openly and with great concern relooked at. And by parties that aren't influenced by whether they will get votes or positions from what they decide. Jesus himself said the poor you will have with you always! We need to figure out how to make our society a healthier one.

Ta ta for now.

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