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I was talking with a friend, she blogs at, today about the state of our nation, mommy blogger and social aspects. Some how we got into a discussion on conformity and I had a thought and my blog topic tonight.

As I have written before, a professor of mine and I am sure others feel that humanity is inherently good. Some of the proof that the professor lined out was how people waved hello to people who pass by. I was walking into the college I attend and opened the door for someone. The thought about humanity being inherently good popped in my head. I don’t know why I am struggling with that phrase. Perhaps because it goes against values and morals that I deeply believe? What if I am wrong? Then does what I believe about humanities goodness mean that I am also wrong about other strong held beliefs. Before I start going insane because I have now found out the sky is really red and the grass purple I came to this thought.

What if really people are just conformist? People here in Middle America wave at each other because it is what you do. People open doors for others because it is what they know to do. It is not about that good feeling you get when you step out to be nice or being friendly. No it is doing what you know is expected or desired in society. It is more of a learned response just like when someone asks you how you are. The normal learned response is fine and how are you? I am sure that some do it out of friendliness or for the warm fuzzy. I know I do it normally because I guess I wanted to be treated with the same respect and kindness. But I observe others and I don't know if they give much thought into why the do what they do.

I don't know if there is anything wrong with that. I see things that raise a flag for me. Tonight I also watched Horton Hears a Who. Wow do I have a lot of thoughts about that movie and some things I understood from it. Perhaps a discussion for another night. To be or not to be a conformist... not sure which one. Maybe that is one more reason I am just a visiting voyeur. My heart leads me away from the confines of society and leave me standing on the outside with what I hold to.

Ta ta for now...


I found your blog thru Christer of cranelake and found it to be interesting you have an inquiring mind and are not afraid to speak out your thoughts. I wish to thank you for becoming a follower on my blog and I have become one on yours. Keep up the good blogging.

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