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Today, I am back at discussing my astonishment at how blind as Americans we are. Why would I make such an offensive statement about myself and my fellow neighbors? We have bought into the lie that we are free, that the American dream still lives and that our government is still looking out for our best interest.

Strong claims I know but look at what we are allowing to happen. President Obama claimed he would make the wealthy pay and help the "common man". Today, I haven't seen one step closer to helping the "common man" but it does look like he is just continuing on with what our government, and we as the people, have allowed for at least the last 20 years. Making more debt and promoting Americans to buy buy buy is their message. It is sponsored by big corporations and financial institutions. But what are we buying? Some might call it our own slavery.

Take a look at this....

The video is just one of many I found that describe the myth we have bought into. Today I watched a documentary called Maxed Out. Here is a little snapshot of a summary I got from Netflix:

"Investigating both the personal and the national debt owed by Americans, this thought-provoking documentary explores the staggering financial burden we live with every day and exposes how the contemporary financial industry is set up in ways that can harm unwitting customers. With both sobering facts and black humor, Maxed Out unveils the consequences of our debt addiction, including its contribution to the vanishing of the American middle class. "

I wish I could show you the whole thing but if you are interested you can watch it via Netflix. I was shocked but I shouldn’t have been. It shows a clip of the 2005 Credit Conference the government held before they signed into law a bill proposed by a Credit Financer to prevent people from filing bankruptcy. In the same documentary it showed people who were going to get their houses taken away but in the same week they were losing their house they also received a letter from the institutions that were foreclosing saying please borrow more money from us because you are a valued customer. People whose relatives felt so distraught over their debt that they committed suicide were still receiving offers for more credit years after they had died. What is wrong with us?

How can we ever have the American dream when we can’t afford it and the rich keep on getting richer off of the “common man” and his inability to wake up from his dream world?

The government looks as if it is more in the pocket of the corporations and no longer works for you or me. Until we wake up and demand change… I don’t think it will ever change. But I don’t think punishing the common man will work… he is a slave to a system he wasn’t aware he was being bought into. No we have to start by demanding our government relinquish its ties to corporate America. And I think that can only be the start of it… maybe take away their ability to give themselves raises… make being a career politician less lucrative. These are some of my random thoughts out there for you to mull over.

Ta ta for now….


I too have seen and heard many stories about what that government is doing to us the poor comman man and the poor common woman. Many say how dare they do that to us. The Government is the enemy.
however being one who likes quotes iI would offer this one>>> Pogo: We have seen the enemy, and he is us...
After all is said and done just who was the government before WE elected them...RIGHT they were the common man and the comman woman.

Give him some time, he can´t fix it all in just a couple of months and he can´t do it by himself either.

In the beginning the governement has to spend a lot of money to get things started, that´s nothing strange at all. If these big corporations go bankrupt the situation will be even vorse, then the american dream would be totally impossible.

In the beginning many people will have problems, but don´t forget who was in charge when all this started (and before). They could have done something before it got that bad as it has come to. So have pations, it will turn my friend.

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