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Two weeks ago I went with my kid and a friend to a place near by. I climbed up half a mountain... well sort of. Each step was just beautiful. Sometimes life gets so cluttered with stuff that we miss the beauty that is ever so close.

I don't have a clue what happens tomorrow... okay that isn't completely true. I have class tomorrow, but besides that I have no clue what adventure lies out there. I really do think it is time for me to get simple and clean. Take away the clutter and junk. Look at that beautiful sky. I think I could wake up to that every day and still be amazed.

Ta ta for now...


Climbing a mountain is good for the soul.Maybe not for the legs and back but then we can't have it all in this life. Keep climbing and one day you will be able to shout to the world LOOK MA TOP OF THE WORLD!

Nice to have You back! I´ve missed You!

Beautiful pictures! Must have been wonderful climbing that mountin.

Who is the better cook?

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