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I love looking at pictures. Today once again my blog buddy, Christer, had some lovely specimens to share. It inspired me to show a few more pictures of how nature is transforming for spring.

This purple budded tree is Oklahoma's state tree the Red Bud. I took this during my hike. Very pretty I think.

This is a tulip from my garden. I just planted it in the fall so its life has actually just begun here.

This is some variegated vinca that I planted a few years ago. It has lovely indigo flowers.

Not sure what vine this is... but it has beautiful yellow flowers.

Strawberry plants blooming

Some of my daffodills.

I have recently come to a time of reflection in my life as I have said before. I recently read something that asks you to consider a scenerio. The scenerio is you have just been to the doctor. You have been told you only have one year to live. It goes on to ask you to imagine what you would do... who would be with you... what would you say to those you love... what unfinished projects would be important to finish... and where would spend your final days. It goes on to propose that you reflect on this and ask yourself why you don't make these things a priority in your life. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow. I thought it was an awesome thing that brings alot of things into perspective. I only have this one life. I shouldn't allow me to keep me from living it the way I was meant to.

Oklahoma Sunset....

Ta ta for now....


Beautiful pictures! I love the Red Bud! Don´t think it can survive here at my home though. Really interesting those questions that You should think of. Made some fast answers in my head and found out that I already tell the ones I love that I love them. Would ask my son to stay here those days, but he´s always welcome any time :-) Would be here right at home my last days. Don´t think I have any projekts that I would finish. It would be just an ordinary week I think. I´m probably very satisfied with my life as it is I think. Hope that You will be that too!

Love all the "life" photos. I saw today that my daffodils and crocus just bloomed! I wish we had some strawberries and other things coming to life, but soon.

Who is the better cook?

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