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Today has been a day of reflecting. I keep hoping my big epiphanies about life will get me more quickly to where I wish I was but I guess you can only take one step at a time. A good by product of them however is the cleansing feeling I get after I have one. It is as if a good spring rain came up and washed all the mud from my mind.

Have you bathed in the flood of awareness...

Ta ta for now....


It´s never good to try to take more than one step at the time, one only stumbles and risk hurting one self.

Can´t say that I ever have taken a bath in the flood of awareness. Think I should have known if I had :-)

Yeah you might sprange an ankle if you tried to go to fast. From experience that hurts.

Perhaps you are in need a good scrubbing then Christer... :) I think you probably keep pretty clean and have no idea...


Who is the better cook?

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