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Well today isn't going to be full of government bashing. Sorry if you were hoping for that. Today I kind of want to be a bit personal. I struggle with alot with my son. I don't really want to go into detail about it because I feel it would be an infringement on his right to privacy. But unless you have been where I have in this journey I don't think you could ever imagine it. Children can be such a wonder, but to see them struggle especially when it is a great struggle is heart breaking.

He is so cool...

This is him trying to do an ollie!

And the sun goes down...

Yesterday seem to be a good day for us. I took some cool pictures of him doing his thing. We drove home and talked some. I teased him and we watched a movie together. He is getting so old now. I know the days are getting shorter and further away from the days when he was a little boy.

Today was a bad day. He was struggling. I was struggling. And harmony was not ours. Some days I want to scream CALGON TAKE ME AWAY :)! But that just isn't realistic. Some might say I made my bed now I need to lay in it. I want to wish them a glimpse of my journey in their lives. Perhaps then they won't be so snap to judge or offer "advice". One thing that did happen good today is I found someplace that has others who have been or are on my journey. It did confirm something for me as well. Not something positive but at least I am not left wondering. If you know people who are parents that struggle please stop and give them a hand. Offer a cup of coffee, a smile, a plate of cookies. That one thing could be their saving grace for that day. Just a thought.

Ta ta for now....


Yes raising a boy can be a struggle we raised 6 and though sometimes it was rough thes days in our senior years we only wish we could do it all again . Oh ya and a plate of cookies would be pretty good too.

People that say "You made Your bed..." usully don´t know what they talk about! Don´t care about them! Raising a child is not easy. He looks at the age when all hormones are running around in his body and then it´s even tougher. I hope that You´ll get it easier with time!

I really like Your blog. I don´t think we agree about much when it comes to politics :-) But I do respect Your views and always thinks that what You write is interesting!
Have a great day now!

Who is the better cook?

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