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Today I let myself get dirty. I dug in deep and got down to the nitty gritty. Okay enough of the play on words. I planted some more seeds into my garden. I planted some english daises, cosmos, red poppies, asters, dahlias, forget-me-nots, johnny-jump-ups, blue morning glorys, lavender, sweet williams, Indian blankets, etc.

They are all seeds so hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to see something popping up. I love flowers but I normally am not very good at them. I love to look at them and smell them. Watch butterflies and little bees flitter around them. When they pop up perhaps I will be able to take a few pictures of them and post the progress. It was a nice break to go out and throw out all the rubbish in my garden and dream of the loveliness that it would become. The sun was beautiful too. It wasn't to hot or to cold. Pretty nice day.

The only thing I didn't enjoy today was giving my poochie a bath. Apparently, late last night when I let her out to go to the bathroom she met a new friend. I am sure she mistaked her new friend for our cat Patches but I hoping in the future that won't be a concern. I let her back in and she was perfumed rather strongly with a stench that would make your eyes water. Needless to say this morning I gave my first tomato juice bath ever. She smells somewhat better but some of the smell still lingers on.
Ta ta for now...


EAU De Skunk is one of the most revolting odors I have ever experianced and so I know what you endured before that tomatoe bath.When we had our first skunk attack it was on a St Bernard and all we had was crushed tomatoes in the house. It barley cut the odor and left the dog with little oieces of tomatoe all thru his long hair. Hope your flowers all come to bloom and wash away that remaining scent from hell

I´ve heard about skunk smell and it´s not nice. But I can´t stop from laughin :-) I do applogise for that.

Isn´t it funny that we love the same flowers over here to. I sowed some cosmos last week and forget me nots self sows here.
Take care.

thanks for the support fellas. My pup is quite unhappy with me since I wont let her out to roam anymore. One experience with the stench was enough for me. We also found a squirrel and bird too the next morning. The day before it was a catfish... whole. Not sure if it is the cats, dog or a combo. :) The animals are crazy.

Sounds like a wonderful time, except for the skunk. Our big malamute got skunked, and he's scared of water! It was horrible trying to douse him with the skunk scent remover and then hose him down.

Who is the better cook?

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