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Oh how I love controversy mixed with some weekend sunshine. Today, I decided to put down my thoughts about the new kid in the executive branch, Mr Barack Obama. Whether you love him, hate him, disagree or stand firm in what he says he is going to do, I am sure I will get some colorful remarks for what I am about to propose.

I would like to propose that Mr. Obama will sadly either become a flop or a puppet in his presidency. Why would I say such a thing. Yes he is intelligent. Yes he has some limited experience. Yes he has some interesting proposals. So what is my point?

Well Mr. Obama forgot to tell the American public that his proposals are doomed for failure and if not doomed for failure then only to be an illusion so that we as citizens are fooled into thinking that he made good on his promises.

He promises to provide health care for all Americans. He says he will pay for it by taxing the wealthy. And if not raise taxes then just allow the prior tax breaks to run out for the rich. Problems I see in this are as follows:

  • He first has to propose it to congress who is sadly corrupted by corporation dollars. Pork belly legislation, corporate lobbyist, and some having their hands so far into the workings of different firms have driven policy in our government for way to long. So how or why in the world would they agree to tax the wealthy. This would be like shooting the hand that feeds them. Not a likely scenario. Either Mr. Obama is naive or is a magician ready to give the American people an illusionist show. Nothing up my sleeve... Presto!
  • Health care system has its own corruption issues. Rates aren't regulated, fees are outrageous and care for those who don't pay high prices is less than adequate. Go into a clinic and then go into a Dr office where you will pay well. You will see that the quality of care is different. With universal care there is a big chance that though many will get health insurance, however as seen in the welfare system, the level of care will be dictated by what they deem is necessary. The things they deem necessary becomes clouded and the mountains of red tape become monumental.

I would love to see more people be able to obtain quality care, however, until those two systems get a major overhaul I don't see universal care being the answer we need.

Mr. Obama says it will take at least 10 to 12 years to see progress in his proposals. So how does he think he will see them through. Presidents can only serve in office for 2 terms consecutively. Unless he proposes a change to this I don't see how it would be possible.

I would love to see the government in the US changed. For corruption and greed to be strained from it. I would also like to see world peace, for siblings to always get along and for pigs to sprout wings and fly but I don't see that happening any day soon.

Mr. Obama has a case of ants in his pants as my grandpa would say. He never stays very long in any position to make very many changes. He is busy strategizing on what his next step is in climbing the ladder. My fear is that once he is in the office where will he be planning to move up from there. Is there an opening in the world dominance department? He seems restless and unable to maintain himself once he gets planted. This makes him being able to complete his plan seem impossible. Mr President-elect do you have ADHD?

I do wish him the best in his mission. I would like to see communities healthier and happier. That more people get assistance and be able to live better lives. But I think that until each person takes up this mission and stops waiting for the government to do it there is no way Mr. Obama or I will ever see this occur.

My prof., the one who believes humans are inherently good, also thinks that we are more cooperative then competitive. I really don't know if he is right or wrong. Don't know if his point is valid, but if we are more cooperative I would like to say I believe it is selective cooperation. Perhaps that will be a discussion for later on down the road. Ta Ta for Now!


I really hope ha can do what he says he wants to do. It´s nothing strange that it can take 10-12 years until things really show, even if he´s not president for more tha eight years. The changes he wants to do can´t be done over a short period of time they are to big for that. But if laws are made to start the change it will come true.

I hope is some weird way he is able to make some positive changes too. The only thing about laws... they are made by congress not the president. The president has a chance to influence some and can veto those laws. However, if congress gets a 2/3 majority to override then the veto doesn't matter. Those laws then if looked at contain what is called pork barrel policy and other things that have nothing to do with the bill. The American citizen doesn't hear about them but they are the laws that are passed to protect those wealthy. I know I am cynical. I guess that I really wish that people really wanted to politicians to represent the common citizen like me, but that is an unpopular stance. Maybe the elitist have it right. Perhaps we mere citizens are too busy, too neducated and too uninterested to care about what our "representatives" are doing on our behalf.

Thank you for your post. You are right that change can continue even if he isn't in office. I am hoping like I said that some good change can come for us but it is hard for me to believe it right now. :)

Thank you for the nice post to my pictures. I thought I'd check out your blog too. I have to say that I couldn't have said it any better. I don't think that the american people are going to be too impressed with Mr. Obama. I don't think he is going to be able to fulfill very many of his promises. I don't think the poor are now going to become middle class or rich unless they want to take the responsibility on themselves. I beleive you can only do so much for people that don't want to help themselves.

Well I appreciate your comments Christi. I have to honestly say I don't agree though with don't want to help themselves part. As a society we have accepted a lie that poverty and people stuck in it are there from choice. Sure there are some that do choose to stay there, but there are many more working more then one job that still can't climb out. The falicy of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is just that a lie. The opportunities that originated during that thoughts beginnings like Carnegie and Rockefeller are actually practically nonexistent in today's world. Many of those few opportunities require an education. If a person doesn't see the opportunity, isn't offered it, has a learning disability etc... education seems like a fairytale. I did a paper for one of my classes this past semester on this subject because I guess it is close to my heart. I did alot of research. I looked at all the sides and was quite surprised when even the government admitted that many people in poverty work and work hard but still aren't making it. They also talked about their agencies doing all they can to discourage people from seeking help so that their numbers on the welfare and assistance rolls were low. Most people getting assistance in America are Children. How can a person look at a child and say hey get a job. Kids did it in the early 1900's. Didn't we abolish child labor? What happened to them getting be children? Sorry for the rant I guess I just don't understand how we as a nation could have given into the selfish belief that people are stuck being broke, broken and struggling choose to because their 2 or 3 jobs just aren't enough.

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