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So this morning I am sleepily climbing up the computer thinking I should get up and get some everyday things done like laundry, clean my cluttered room, wash dishes and ack... walk my dog. Poor Jeni has been forced to being lazy because of my no cold weather policy.

This time last year I made the resolution to get healthier and lose weight. Though I don't think I made a big huge amount of progress I did make some. I lost 19lbs, I am more mentally healthier than a year ago and I have some willpower.

So what am I carrying over into the new year? This year I am going to continue to work on my health. I actually have this crazy goal of doing a triathlon they hold in a city I live near. Why would this be crazy... well I am out of shape, not athletic, and I hate running. Okay I don't really hate running but when I conjure up thoughts on it I remember Jr high track. I was the slow chunky kid. So where do you decide as a coach to put the slower chunky kid? Well of course on distance running. I still remember the chariots of fire theme playing in my head as I head around the curb at a meet. I can do this I told myself, I can make it to the finish line. Its just 3 miles right. I run and run and a scratched record sound plays in my head as I fall head long into the dirt/pebbles of the track below. Then the song of "Another one bites the dust" jingles in my head. Score 1 for the track and 0 for the chubby runner. So you can see I am mentally psyched out by the thought of trying to run again. Okay and I have some physical shall I say hindrances that are less then graceful when I try as well.

So why do it? Well it raises money for a good cause. The money raised goes toward a day camp for special needs children. Also it is like this look at me what I have accomplished goal. No one probably would ever think I would or could do a triathlon. When I say I am not athletic that isn't some humble remark so that I don't look to full of myself. I am the clumsy backwards kind of person. Okay so I will just say it... I'm a big nerdy female, literally. But winning this shindig actually isn't the goal. The goal is to pass that darn finish line. I don't care if I am the last person. If the 12 and under crowd have left me in the dust. If grandma and grandpa are already chowing down at the after festivities. I need to cross that line. I need to finish and finish well.

So here I am making a renewed vow to work on my lifestyle. To choose healthier habits and to work more diligently on my goal of racing at that triathlon in September. I can see me now... I look great in a tie dye shirt.

Well ta ta for now... hope you are able to finish well on your resolutions for 2009 as well.


I never do new year resolutions because I never keep them :-) I would like to loose several pounds too, but not by running. I love to run, used to run 10 kilometers six days a week, but nowdays I have psoriasis arthritis so it´s not possible any more. Giving up cakes and candy? Nja :-) :-) But I walk a lot with my dogs.
If You are going to partisipate in a triatlon please train a lot before, outherwise You´ll probably going to get injured.

Who is the better cook?

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