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Midnight is fast approaching. This year I have seen the first minorty become president, a female still be able to be harassed nationally due to gender and no one say anything about it, and a Govenor, who is known for pulling down corrupt, gets caught with his pants down.. literally! The supreme court said that raping a child wasn't heinous enough to award corporal punishment which spurred the first presidential election agreement.

I also saw China hit with a horrible disaster and the Olympics. I still can't believe those little girls were old enough to compete. No use harping over that though. I saw people continue to come together to help others stuggling with natural disasters. I talk to a woman who spent 4 weeks in Corpus Christi after the hurricane. She came all the way from Florida.

The Wii grew in popularity and movies became less popular. Movie stars were probably to busy taking time to have babies.

And for me I saw heartache, strength, commitment, confidence, tears, grief, disbelief, happiness, hope and devastation.

So now that my cuboards are bare and the dust and debri has been sweeped out I look forward to starting tomorrow in a new year with hope that more good than bad will happen and more happiness than grief will be felt.


The new year has started here now. A clear sky and loads of minud degrees.
It´s nice to know that at least some people do what they can for others when problems are around.

The last year eas the best for over twenty years when it comes to movies here in Sweden. Perhaps a visit to the cinemas pushes the troublesome times away for a moment?
Have a really good dtart this new year!

Who is the better cook?

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