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So where did my name, Visiting Voyeur, come from? I am sure many think that it eludes to something sexual but in all honesty it is just a description of who I am. I see my voyeurism as more of the second definition...An obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects. I tend to blend into the background or not be looked at seriously. I actually have been sat on before on accident. Believe me it was quite surprising. The person looked quite startled and said, "uh uh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." So you see I find myself in a position of viewing people and perspectives from my outside perch. I don't seem to have the capacity to not open my mouth when it comes to my thoughts and views. And I tend to be honest even if it gets me into trouble. I don't fit into the world I belong too so I have accepted my status as a visitor of it. So if you were afraid to let the kiddies come in don't be. I am just an average plain jane that has alot of nothing to say about everything. Nothing wrong with that. Ta ta for now!


It seemes we two are wery different in many ways. I tend to be seen and heard where ever I go :-)Honesty is something we do have in common. That has given me a lot of problems at times :-)
Have a nice day!

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This blog is a rambling of different thoughts, subjects and ideas. The world has many things to offer and what might be contained on theses pages is anyones guess. Enjoy.

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