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I have thankfully finished another semester. One of my professors gave me much to ponder. He believes that humanity as a whole is inherently good. Being the believer in sin and the wretched apple episode from long ago, I had to put in my thoughts that humans have the ability when they are born to be both good and bad. But even with that said I am still mulling it over in my head. Am I such a cynic that I can only see peoples evil side? These thoughts lead to more of course.

I wonder how he could come up with such a position. I had a thought that perhaps it comes from that before we are able to walk, talk, or say more than gurgle, gurgle we have no knowledge of what is right and wrong. And what is right and wrong? Who determines it? In this theory of humans being inherently good I gather that it is society. So if someone were to grow up without a society to dictate that could they be evil? Is evil learned or does it dwell within waiting on an opportunity to show itself?

Then I watched the movie Apocalypto that is directed by Mel Gibson. I am really interested in different cultures such as the Mayans. Who showed them that to become powerful they must take captive their neighbors? Are they evil because they cut off the heads of their captives in ritual sacrifice? Or are they good because they worked hard to appeaze their gods? They were fathers, sons, providers, warriors, and they displayed harsh humanity.

So I guess I am left with more questions then any great insight into this battle of good and evil. I guess it is better left solved by the comic book heros or perhaps God whom sees even my deeply hidden heart.


Hello...I found your blog via the cranes and good old beans. I am a relative of the good old beans. Very interesting blog and very thought provoking. I will check back often. Where are you from? I guess I missed that if it is in your blog. I am new at this and don't know how to navigate that well. Anyway...good work...debean

Thank you. I am from the middle USA. Nowhere important.

I am glad that it lead to more thought. I am really interested in hearing from other people and their thoughts.

Who is the better cook?

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