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"As you meet your Shepherd, let him renew and refresh your spirit. I pray a that you've left some of your burdens at the foot of the cross. And remember: Regardless of the challenges of life, there is one who cares and will never leave you. 'We are his people, the sheep he tends' (Psalm 100:3)" (Max Lucado, Traveling Light 2002)

I have been thinking... okay stressing about some stuff in my life. I found out the day before Christmas that I may not have financial aid to continue my degree. Then there are the other things as well. I have been trying to stay calm and say hey this too shall pass but I think part of me just isn't believing it. Last night I ask God why have you forsaken me?

Honestly, He hasn't. Things happen. Somethings I bring on myself, some things just are. I know there is a purpose, a plan at work here. I know that doors can open just when I think that they won't. Spending to much time questioning God or myself gets nothing done but building up my anxiety over things I normally am powerless over.

Surrender! Such a easy word to say but such a hard task for me to do. It reminds me of the story of the man who's daughter is sick. He asks Jesus to come heal her. Jesus asks, "Do you believe that I can?" and the man replies, "Lord I believe, please help my disbelief." As humans looking through human eyes it is hard to see sometimes that things will work out and life will be okay. We put on our "Belief" masks so that no one sees how fragile we are. I admire this man that he has the courage to say "Yes I believe but there is still part of me that has disbelief please HELP ME". And we forget or at least I do, that I really can't do anything but live today. Tomorrow has its own things for me to deal with but until it becomes today there really is much I can do about them.

So taking from a pray a friend gave me I say.... "Oh Lord, help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can't handle..."

Ta ta for now!


I had similar thoughts when my gardencenter almost got bankrupt. But I realised that nothing would be better that way, so I just stopped worrying. It was either that or a total brakedown. After that everything slowley went the right way again. Got a job, paid most of my liabilities and sort of got my life back. It´s not easy to stop worrying but if You can do that, life will become so much easier.

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