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Two major questions I hear about Obama, the healthcare reform he has proposed and the American people:

1.) Who is going to pay for healthcare for the public and to reform the current system?
2.) How will it impact Johnny Q Public

Let’s be honest here folks. Corporate America and the Rich will not be funding this endeavor. The rich did not become rich by giving out handfuls of cash to provide for a whole nation. They smartly have their money tied up in stuff and in offshore accounts. The rich don’t see the average person as their concern. The government will never touch it. No we are going to pay for it and our future generations to come.

The flipside to the coin is how will it affect good old me? Well if you are white upper middle to upper class college educated it will probably affect your pocket book some. A few changes may occur on how your insurance is run. Other than that you are cover as usual. You can go get your tummy tucks, breast implants and buy whatever procedure you need to save your life.

For those who are lower -middle class to poverty it means that some will have healthcare insurance for the first time. They don’t have worry about whether they should pay the bills or pay to have a test done. They can have the chance at being healthier individuals. They can get a yearly exam done. They can catch cancer before it consumes their whole body. Then they can turn around and be the productive society member they normally are without the concern of healthcare costs. Note just because one is in poverty doesn’t mean they are lazy and unwilling to try hard to change their situation. Fact is not everyone can be the CEO. That would be a form of socialism. And if you believe that this is just a demonstration of survival of the fittest then isn’t it sad that the fittest is only 4% of the American population. Especially since money seems to determine who is fit and who isn’t. Sucks to be the rest of the 96% doesn’t it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I in no way believe we are currently able to do Obamacare. Politicians are heavily influence by corporate America. I don’t believe I would like my healthcare options to be decided by any of them since their priorities will not be about me but about what pharmaceutical company is the highest bidder or what perk some insurance mogul provided. I am a person. I have a name. And I deserve adequate healthcare free from capitalistic gain. My health and well being should not be less important than your profits.

I also want to know when the government became a for profit organization. I hear that is part of the reason for healthcare reform is to stir up competition. Is there not already competition between the different insurance companies? I don’t believe they need competition but a good swift kick to the hind quarters to take care of their clients. Something that I think is just basic customer service. You take care of the client and the client takes care of you. What happened to that old value? The government was never meant to be a corporation. Why are we going that way now?

I would also like to say to my fellow Christians who I hear oppose nationalized healthcare. I don’t know if there should be nationalize healthcare but their needs to be something. I have heard quite a few say they don’t think they should have to pay for others. One question… what would Jesus do? Didn’t he say that we were to take care of each other? Stop being so darn greedy and do something. Yes you work hard for your money. Yes times are tight and tough. But don’t you believe that if you do the right thing God will take care of you. Is it right for some to have healthcare and be able to be taken care of and not others because they didn’t get the same opportunities or didn’t live the same life? Is that your fault? No but once again it isn’t about you it is about doing what is right. What would Jesus say? If you truly believe in Him I can’t believe you would tell others they aren’t worthy of quality of life. Don’t believe the stereotypes. Don’t live by the lies. If the answer for them isn’t nationalized healthcare then what will you do to help out. What will you do to be what Jesus intended, to love your neighbor as yourself. Ta ta for now…


I don´t know how the new health care system is going to be paid in Your country, but I know that Your health care system cost double/person than it does here in Sweden and most of Europe.

Here in Sweden we pay it by our taxes ( the more You earn, the more You pay)and a small ammount when we get to the hospital. I woun´t pay more than around 250 US dollars to get my hip implant.

That competition between the state and the other companies will surly lower the costs of insurance, because the state will put the prices down. The others then has to follow or dissapere.

And as You say, what would Jesus have done? Of course he would stand on the poors side! Saying something else and still claim to be christian would be stupid :-)

Very interesting blog today!
Have a great day now!

Christer is right! But as you can see by reading blogs..they don't..stand on the side of the poor, I mean. So...much food for thought.

HELLO MAYBEL WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY BLOG LIFE???? Okay first... i'm on my feet clapping an giving you a whopping WHO-WA!!

I have healthcare. MY hubs works hard. I work when I'm physically able but my business is admittedly, disposable income rich. If times are tough, so is my business.

I don't have ENOUGH healthcare. I have lupus, polymyalgia rhuematica, a serious VitD deficiency along with B12 and a cervical spine that doesn't seem to work very well. I have DDD at T12/13. You could say I pay my doctors with my husbands paycheck.

We are the working class. We aren't asking for anything inhumane or extra carricular. We just want decent health care with a responsible system. PERIOD.

You spoke this so eleoquently and I could never have done have as well. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I'm so happy Mona sent me to you. Welcome to blog land and I promise you, you came in with a bang. You are a breath of fresh air for me.


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