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I am really stressing starting my new job. No cool cucumber here. I am a bit worried I will be to tired to exercise, or not eat well. New things are so hard to gauge. Can you tell I like to control my future?

I know! I'm not supposed to worry for two important reasons: 1, Stressing out causes a girl to gain more poundage... ahhhhhhhhhh I don't want to gain weight, 2. I am powerless over at least half of my future. No Crystal balls here!

I did try to do something to help with my stress. I planned out my menu and exercise for the next week at least. I am dividing and conquering the food the next 2 days and I am not taking any excuses from my whiny side. No stop it, you need to get over it whiny side! It's a done deal.

So hopefully my pre-packaged control will keep me from getting to side tracked. Wow I feel so empowered and ... SAFE! Okay! Hey I said okay... let out all the breathe being held in. Breathe... in, out, in, out! Much better. I can't wait to meet you healthier version of me! Come on baby it is your time to shine! Motivational song of the day..... RIGHT HERE CLICK... RIGHT HERE!!!

Ta ta for now!


Ive skipped the idea to have any control over my life, I just let things happen as they come :-) Life is so much easier now :-)

Have You ever tried relaxation exercises? I had to do that during school. I got so stressed before a test that I usually failed totally, didn´t matter that I could it all before the test. In the beginning it was so hard to relax, but nowdays I can do it while I work if I need to :-)

So what is Your new job?
Have a great day now!

Who is the better cook?

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