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Morning Folks.

In week one I struggled with getting back into a good routine. I ate smaller healthier portions and started the exercise slowly. I felt pumped and positive. I lost 3lbs the first week and that increased my momentum.

In week two my plan was more refined. I really started to focus in on what I need to do to meet my goals. I made a motivation poster and posted on my spark page and my home wall. I increased my exercise and really kicked booty. I was thrilled with my push forward. I have people standing behind me cheering me on. I lost 2lbs but then the scale on weigh in day showed no such weight loss. I was bummed a bit. I had worked hard but the results weren’t there. I remembered back to a previous attempt to get healthy and remember that this is common sometimes. Just like week two on the Biggest Loser I won’t lose the pounds I am looking for and there might not be a good reason.

Starting week three I am try to stay positive and motivated. I won’t lie and say that the no pound lost thing hasn’t somewhat bummed me out. I really wanted to meet my goals. I could go and get some ding dongs and say well at least I tried. NOT! I know that the thing to do is to sit down and review what I did. If I don’t find anything in the plan I need to change then I need to move on and go forward. I can’t lose weight or get healthy sitting on my bum having a pity party. The only thing standing between my goals and me is ME!

I know there are others out there who like me have had those weeks when there isn’t a loss or it was a bad week. I have had weeks before where I lost jobs or my kid was horrible. Days that I just wanted to stay in bed and mop. I just wanted to shut down and turn off. It seems so tough to get up and keep doing what you know you need to do for you. I just want a chance to have more good days then bad. I want to know that I gave myself ever opportunity to be the best me I could be. No Regrets! That is what I want my kid to have and why shouldn’t that apply to me as well. I deserve to fly too!

Ta ta for now!

I am using Sparkpeople to assist in my journey. Check it out.


It´s very common that nothing happens with weight loss for several weeks when one starts with a healthier life. At first just because the bodie doesn´t like the change, it wants its sugar and calories so it saves every calorie it can.

Later on it is because muscels are building and replacing fat. Muscles weigh more than fat You see. But one can notice a chamnge anyway, clothes sits looser on the body even if the weight is the same :-)
I´m holding my thumbs for You!
have a great day now!

Thanks,Christer! Logic goes in my frustration comes out lol. Just like a little kid I want it now!!! HOpe you have a nice day too.

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