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Today, I am posting something simple. A friend ask me to take some pictures of the flowers in my garden. This morning is a cool overcast sky morning. September 1st and fall is definately in the air here.

The sunlight is just peaking throught the clouds.

Next is a Clematis that we have planted near our front walk way.

I am not sure what this one is. I know that it is a flowering vine. The white flowers are small and smells nice.

These are purple mexican petunias. Very pretty but not much of a fragrance.

Now for the Morning Glories which are both one of my favorite and birthday flowers. I love the blue. I was nervous there for a bit that they wouldn't bloom but here they are with another flower in my garden.

And to round it off like Christer would here is a picture of our cat Patches as he lays in front of my computer screen. When he wants attention he wants it now in standard fat cat style.

and Jeni my poochie. She went outside with me to take the pictures.
She posed here because she wanted everyone to see her as well.

Ta ta for now...


Beautiful autumn sky! I love Your flowers, especially the morning glories! They are so beautiful. I think the vine with the small flowers are a clematis too. I have a similar here in my garden and I know that there are a couple of more species growing in North America looking like that.

Your dog is so cute! My dogs doesn´t like to pose so nicly like Yours do, they rather run away if they see the camera :-) :-) :-)

I wonder how long it´ll take until my cats does like Yours in front of the computor screen :-) Well he does get attention, that´s for sure :-) :-)
Have a great day now!

I am glad you liked them. We also have some other flowers but they are actually wilting right now so they don't look that great. Yes Jeni is definately a camera ham. She is also very social and must great and say hello to anyone who is near by which is so not like me. I am quite shy. The cat (Patches) does what he wants when he wants where he wants... he is quite the little runner of the household. Hope you have a good day.

Patches looks like my oscar. Cuteness. I came by way of Mona @ Wsprsweety Cottages. I'm going to go look around a bit if you don't mind. Thank you for having me. Tammy

Thank you Tammy for visiting my blog. I loved all your comments. I visited yours a bit, but hopefully will get more time to delve into it. Hope to see you around.

Ahhh...two of my favorite "women with brains!" on here. :) I am smiling all over myself!
I am delighted.
I am not familiar with Oklahoma at all..other than one of my dearest little girlfriends from the 8th grade moved here many years ago. Her name was Lois Cline...and I lost her. Every now and then..when I meet someone from Oklahoma ...I think of her and want to see her. We kept in touch for a long time.
All I remember is that the name of her town was an Indian name. Probably a lot of those.
We wandered today to. Garage sales. That is always an adventure!

Hi Mona,

Thank you for the compliment. Well I guess since I have lived here most of my life there isn't much to Oklahoma for me. There are some nice places but it is pretty simple here I think.

It is nice to reconnect with old friends I think. Yes we have several towns with American Indian names so I am not sure if I could help you.

So I hope you enjoyed your wanderings. Did you pick up anything interesting at the sales?

Who is the better cook?

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